Friday, January 7, 2011

World's Apart

She looks over her window crying
About a guy she keeps on loving
She knows there's no way it will work
But she can't stop it when her heart start to talk

It says "Baby, I know we're world's apart
But you'll always have my heart
I know you can't give me me forever
Just tell me you'll be there my dear

She searched for reasons why
she heard him say "You're so high"
"Out of my league", "World's apart"
Boy you should know, you just broke my heart

She's ready to say, say to him goodbye
She knows she has to fly so high
And will be there to watch her
Then she will find her heart somewhere

Though we are world's apart darling
You'll be in my heart, I'm growing
Thank you for forcing me to fly away
For I know I'll be happy too someday...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Father God, Let's talk...Seriously, talk.


I really don't know if calling you "Father" is just a delusional term which men of history just used to bring closer a Faraway God or is it really our privilege to claim you as our Father since sacred scriptures states that we are Your children... But I really like to call you "Father", for a father's love gives confidence even at times of doubt.

Okay, here it goes.... Father, you know my dreams and at the same time you know that I love him. If in Your will I can't have both and one has to wait, I choose my dreams. However, I wish he'd be in better hands.

Okay now Father, I will listen.... Tell me what you think.

Let thy will be done.


Friday, November 12, 2010

God is a Broken-Hearted God...

Psalm 147:3 (New International Version)
He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.

I think it is fair to say that God is also broken hearted and He above all knows what it's like to hold on and to let go. There are times when we are so affected by our love problems with our special someone, we tend to pray as if God doesn't know our pain. Well, He does.

Let me share some instances when God's heart was broken:

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of good and evil.
Is it not heart-breaking enough to know that someone that you made in your own image and likeness will turn away from you after you have given them the best gift imaginable "free will". God loves Adam and Eve so much that He trusted them, that He gave them the choice if they want to love him back by virtue of obedience. God wanted to be loved in return just like how we wanted to. We want to be loved for who we are and without force. God is Almighty that He can make things happened but He allowed Adam and Eve to choose.

What's even more heartbreaking is when He had to make them experience the consequences of their actions. If you love someone, don't you want to be with that person forever? Yes. At the same time, if you love someone, don't you want them to learn the difference between good and evil? Yes. When God sent Adam and Eve to the Earth, it broke His heart because they can't be with Him in paradise.

It is a common saying that " We will only realize how much we love a person, when that person is no longer there". Same thing, God sent them to the Earth for them to realize if they really want to be with Him and love Him. In Paradise, God offered perfection in everything yet they turned away from His love. On this earth, where there is pain and suffering, they still have the choice to love Him or turn away from Him. Adam and Eve realized God's love in their suffering but they continued their ways.

I tell you this, God mastered the Art of Waiting. From Adam and Eve to Moses, to King David, to the time of Jesus and His apostles, to the time of Paul, it has been a long wait and it is not yet over. Sometimes, we cry because we think we waited for too long, did we or did we not? To this day, God waits. He waits for the moment that we will love Him back completely...And He's waiting with His Mercy.

God knows how to give all that He could give in the name of love. God knows what it's like to let go of the One He loved most. When He sent Jesus to the Earth and shared our human nature, He gave it all. Would you send your son to a place where he will die? God did. When Jesus suffered and died to save a world that is lost and doesn't know what love is anymore, He let go.

God is a broken-hearted God but He never gave up on us. He love us still. He knows what it's like to be broken-hearted yet He still loves with a broken heart and I believe He won't stop loving us. He had loved us for so long, He won't give up after a lifetime of holding on.

The choice is ours to love a God that loved us longer than we can imagine or we can continue turning away from His true love. Believe me when I say, God is making a masterpiece out of the broken pieces of your heart. Trust in Him and you will see something Spectacular!

God my Father, I want to mend your broken heart by the broken pieces of mine. Take it all, I love you too.

If He Loves You, If he Really Really Loves you (Unedited)

There's the distant look in your eyes as if you're waiting for pity
You're talking to yourself if things will go back the way it used to be
He's gone and do you see him showing up
But you can't stop your heart, you kept wishing on

If he really loves you
He will be here and won't allow you to be alone
And if he really really loves you
He won't make you wait for so long

Just like you, I love him oh so much
I believed every promise he made with trust
I don't know why you loved him too that much
And we both didn't expect that he will leave us

Forever? He lied to us with forever
I'm glad to have seen you here
It's a good thing that he's already gone
Because we are free though we are alone.

Nagpapahingang Puso

Paano ba magpahinga ang puso matapos ng pamamaalam?Hindi madali pero kailangan, napagod din kasi.

Hindi naman nakakatulong ang alak... Medyo ang sleeping pills... Pero paggising mo nandyan pa rin. Masakit. Haaaay

Yosi? Naku kulang isang pack para kumalma at makapag-isip. Baka mauna pa bumigay ang baga bago puso.

Videoke? Paos ka na, umiyak ka na sa kanta...Masakit pa rin di ba? Nabawasan pero slight lang...

Panibagong Lalaki? Pinakamagandang solusyon para makalimot...

Pero, ganun ba kadali yun? Di ba hindi?

Mahirap na sumugal sa pag-ibig, dahil lahat tayo tumataya ng may puso. At pag nasaktan, di makapaniwala na nagmahal ng tuso.

Ang puso magpahinga man pero hindi nakakalimot. Mabuti pang damdamin ang sakit ng pagpaparaya at paglimot dahil kung gaano kasakit, ganun kalalim ang pagmamahal kahit sa loob ng Nagpapahingang Puso.

Puso yan, patuloy na magmamahal... Kahit kailan...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To my baby


Wherever you are, always behave. Don't crawl too fast, the angels might grow tired chasing after you. And when the Seraphims starts chanting, pray your bedtime prayer then go to sleep. Dream... Dream of mommy. Pray that we'll be together someday... I love you. Kiss mommy.

What Makes Life Worth Living?


At the end of the day, no matter how big you bank account is, no matter how significant your promotion is, no matter how expensive your gadgets and cars are, what will matter is that feeling which makes you feel good and alive.

I know my family loves me and I love them too. I know my friends love me and I love them too.
I guess, saying I love him is not yet my line to say. Only time will tell. I know he's on his way to find me. I pray he'd find me. The astrologer said he found me already... But where??? It's all a matter of time.

Love... It makes life worth-living. No reason can ever justify as to why but it is the Truth that naturally our existence can't live without.

I believe so much that love is the most powerful emotion that can withstand all times... Never try to stop it, it will destroy you. Love indeed is a verb, not just a noun.