Friday, January 7, 2011

World's Apart

She looks over her window crying
About a guy she keeps on loving
She knows there's no way it will work
But she can't stop it when her heart start to talk

It says "Baby, I know we're world's apart
But you'll always have my heart
I know you can't give me me forever
Just tell me you'll be there my dear

She searched for reasons why
she heard him say "You're so high"
"Out of my league", "World's apart"
Boy you should know, you just broke my heart

She's ready to say, say to him goodbye
She knows she has to fly so high
And will be there to watch her
Then she will find her heart somewhere

Though we are world's apart darling
You'll be in my heart, I'm growing
Thank you for forcing me to fly away
For I know I'll be happy too someday...

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